What Can You Do To Alleviate Your Child's Separation Anxiety?

Dropping off your preschooler at a child care center can be overwhelming if your child suffers from separation anxiety. In some instances, the children naturally move past the anxiousness about being separated from a parent. In other instances, the parents have to take action to help their child deal with the situation. If your child is struggling with separation anxiety, here are some tips to help improve his or her feelings.  

Talk Your Child Through His or Her Day

Even though you have consistently picked your child up from child care, he or she can still suffer from separation anxiety. The anxiety is usually based on the feeling that his or her survival is linked to being cared for by a parent and without the parent around, his or her needs will be neglected.  

Since children do not have the same concept of time as adults, they can sometimes be confused that their time without a parent is longer than it actually is. As the day goes on, the child can start to panic. By the time the end of the day arrives, the child can start to feel as if letting the parent out of his or her sight again in the future is not an option.  

To help your child get a more realistic grasp on time and the fact that you have not abandoned him or her, talk your child through his or her day. For instance, you could promise to be there to pick him or her up after naptime. You can also explain that the child care teacher will ensure that his or her needs are being met until you arrive.  

Develop a Goodbye Ritual

A goodbye ritual helps your child understand that you are not abandoning him or her. It also helps to ease the transition between being cared for by you to being in the child care center with a teacher and other children.  

The routine does not have to be overly complicated. It can be as simple as helping your child put away his or her things and greeting the other children with your child. If you have the time, you can sit down with your child and help him choose a book or other activity to get started on for the day.  

When it is time to go, do not sneak out of the room. Doing so will only add to your child's anxiety. You should always say goodbye before leaving the room. You can even ask the child care teacher to allow your child to wave at you from the window or door as you leave. 

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