2 Benefits Of Hiring A Tutor To Help With Your Child's ACT Prep Instead Of Enrolling Them In A Class

As part of getting ready for college, your child may be taking the ACT test during this school year. As part of helping them to prepare for this exam, you may be on the fence about whether to enroll them in classes or hire a private tutor.

While taking prep classes can help your child somewhat with getting ready for the test, setting up private tutoring sessions comes with certain advantages for your child. Below are a couple of the benefits that come with hiring an ACT tutor instead of enrolling your child in a class.

1. Tutor Can Pinpoint and Focus on Your Child's Weak Topics

One benefit of hiring a tutor for private ACT prep sessions with your child is that the tutor can pinpoint any weak topics. When your child is in a class, the curriculum covers every topic evenly without focusing too much time on an individual subject. So, if your child is weak in math, they may not receive the instruction they need to overcome this weakness.

However, when your child receives one-on-one sessions with a tutor, the instructor can spend extra time working with your child on those weak areas. They can come up with a comprehensive plan to focus on specific areas within the topic to help your child.

2. Tutor Allows Your Child the Freedom to Tackle Topics at Their Own Pace

Another benefit of having a tutor is that your child has more freedom with their pacing. In a classroom setting, they must adhere to the strict schedule set up by the instructor.

However, with a tutor, your child can communicate how quickly they want to cover materials. If they need to spend more time on a topic, they can request that the tutor slow down. Or, if there is a subject that your child is comfortable with, they can ask that the sessions skim over it so that more time can be used for difficult topics.

If your child is preparing to take the ACT this year, a private tutor can help increase their chances of doing well. Not only will the tutor pinpoint and work on your child's weak topics, but they will also come up with a study plan that allows your child to work at a comfortable pace. Contact an ACT prep tutor in your area to learn more about what they have to offer as well as available scheduling options.

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