College Admission Criteria

If you are getting ready to apply to college, you probably have concerns about being accepted. What exactly should you do to get into the schools of your choice?  Many schools use a variety of criteria to determine admission, so you need to score well on the ACT and/or SAT as well as demonstrate other attributes.


Do not be fooled. Nothing will make up for a record of mediocre grades throughout high school. College admission boards expect you to demonstrate dedication, determination, and consistency in your academic pursuits. Good grades alone will not suffice, however. The classes you take are also important. Performing well in less demanding classes has little value for your college admittance. However, high grades in AP courses will certainly help your cause. 

Community Service

Community service does not have as much impact on college admission as it used to, but the more competitive schools still weigh it carefully. However, you will make a bigger impression if you have committed to one charity or organization for an extended period of time rather than jumping here and there for short periods. Also, the really "big name" schools are looking for unique community service, something you designed yourself. For instance, if you develop an adoption program for elderly pets, the admission committee will be more impressed than if you simply work at an animal shelter.

Test Scores

Scoring well on the ACT or SAT is still important for your academic success. Most schools take these tests into consideration when they decide on your admittance. You need to score somewhere in the school's average range of scores to improve your odds. Also, taking these tests may allow colleges to come to you if you opt to let the test company release your information.  A good score on the tests can also help you to earn scholarship money, something that can reduce the stress of high tuition costs. These tests are still an important part of the college selection process. 

A bad test score will not necessarily sink your college dreams, but a good score will make them more likely to come true. As a result, you should consider taking an ACT prep class or two to prepare for them. Knowing what to expect will help you feel more confident and score better when you do take these standardized exams. In addition, you still need to demonstrate a record of academic achievement and community service. 

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