Thinking About Becoming A Hair Stylist? 3 Signs That You're Cut Out For Cosmetology School

A lot of people start cosmetology school (at schools like Polaris Career Center) with the mindset that it's going to be easy. It doesn't take them long, probably a week or two, to realize just how wrong they were. Not only does beauty school require a lot of specific knowledge, such as anatomy, chemistry and physiology, it requires that you apply what you've learned academically in an artistic way by cutting hair, doing makeup, painting nails, etc. So how do you know if you're cut out for the rigors of beauty school? Following are three signs that you will do well in school. 

Artistic Eye

Beauty is art, and you have to have a creative side to become a cosmetologist. Sure, everyone can learn basic hair cutting techniques, but a good eye for form will help you design your own styles, which will keep people flocking to your chair. You must also have an eye for color and know which ones complement one another and which ones don't. Understanding color theory is vital for services such as haircolor and makeup application. 

Hand and Eye Coordination

How do you get the ideas in your head to become reality? Through exceptional hand and eye coordination, of course. In order to cut hair, apply color and wax eyebrows, your hands have to be precise. If you can't get your hands to do what your mind is telling them to, you might not do well in beauty school, but not all hope is lost. Many people can acquire good hand and eye coordination by doing the same task over and over. If you're not all that coordinated, you might have to work harder than the other students, but you may still be successful. If you notice that you just can't get it no matter how hard you try, you just might not be cut out for the salon. 

A Passion for People

Aside from the medical field, cosmetology is the only field of work where you will lay your hands on people. Pedicures, facials, massages and shampoos require that you get up close an personal with your patrons. If you get grossed out by feet, sweat, flaky skin or zits, you might not be cut out for the beauty industry. If you love making people feel good in a personal way, however, you will be perfect.

Keep in mind, you will be very close to people for the most part of your day at school and after you get a job. If you love people, have an artistic eye and have great hand and eye coordination, you may be just what the beauty industry is looking for. 

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