Using Important Values for Vital Protection - Advantages of Sending a Food Allergic Child to a Christian School

Many people choose to send their child to a Christian school because they have a strong belief that their faith should be integrated into the lessons their children learn. What people may not consider, however, is that children who have health challenges to their ability to integrate fully in a public school may benefit greatly from a Christian education.

If your child has to deal with a significant food allergy, it's important that you plan for all eventualities. The guide below should offer some tips for working with your Christian school to develop such a plan, guaranteeing your child stays safe and bound by faith. The direct attention your child receives at a Christian school will go a long way toward keeping them protected.

Consider All Environments

Unfortunately, some serious food allergies provide more challenges than monitoring what should and shouldn't be eaten. Even exposure on the skin through the air can cause a serious reaction, and that means that places besides your school's lunchroom can be dangerous.

You should be sure to communicate openly with your child's teacher to discuss what kinds of materials will be used for projects in the classroom. If your child's Christian curriculum includes receiving communion, you should also work closely with the clergy to make sure that the host that is consumed falls within your child's allergy guidelines.

Involve Your Child in Planning

One of the biggest challenges in keeping a child safe is making he or she take their own protection seriously. Children are naturally rebellious, and while Christian school can impart important values, that instinct is very hard to suppress.

In the case of a food allergy, it's very important to make sure your child feels like he or she is directly involved in the planning process. This collaboration will guarantee that they trust the restrictions you set up, and it may even open your eyes to some concerns that you may not have realized even exist.

Use Faith as a Guide

It's important to realize that faith and science are not at odds when it comes to protecting your children. In fact, a Christian education can go a long way towards developing the respect for authority and the deference to wisdom that are an essential part of food allergy care. By using appropriate lessons from scripture to address your child's daily challenges, you can reinforce the lessons that you want taught while simultaneously making sure your child stays protected.

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