Believe It Or Not: Three Ways Your Atheist Household Can Enjoy Catholic School

Parents want to send their children to the best school possible. At times this can be a public school in the area. Sometimes you will have to send your child to a private school to get a competitive education. If you are an atheist, you may find that many private schools ascribe to a belief system. Catholic schools are especially popular in many cities and states. If the best school in your area is a Catholic school and you and your child are nonbelievers, there may actually be a good way for your child to find some lessons in being at a Catholic high school. Here are three ways that your atheist child can learn from and even enjoy a catholic high school. 

Look at the saints as moral lessons

Rather than looking at the saints as people who belong to a belief system, your child can look at each saint as the lesson that they are intending on teaching. Most saints are the patrons of specific maladies, problems in life, or social groups. While learning about the saints in school, your child can look for the specialized lesson in the life of each of the saints. Your child may find particular people who have lived their life in a similar way to the life that they desire or work charities that your child believes in. 

Behave as if it is an office

In adulthood, it is especially necessary to be able to get along with those who have different beliefs than you. As adults, these beliefs will be political and social. Your child should treat the difference in beliefs as if it is a political or social difference. This makes the issue less polarizing and your child will find it easier to get along with future colleagues and coworkers. This will make your child mentally strong and diplomatic which are admirable and useful qualities in any industry or field. 

Dissect the lessons pragmatically

It is ok to not agree with everything that others do, as long as you can come up with good reasoning or rationale of your own. If your child is required to go to church or religious studies, urge them to learn as much as they can during the services or classes. When they get home, have a round-table discussion about the lessons they learned and whether or not they agree. If your child is able to effectively argue and agree using rational reasoning, you are raising a teen who is getting a good education and learning to think and choose for themselves. 

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