Choosing The Right Daycare For A Child With Anxiety

If you have a child with anxiety, then you know that many things that are simple for other children can end up being a huge burden for you and your child. Choosing the right daycare facility is just one of those tasks. It can be hard leaving an anxious child in the care of others when you go to work, but there are excellent facilities out there that are staffed with people who are trained and ready to help you and your child. You can find them by doing the following things:

Ask Other Parents of Anxious Children

Think of any other parents you know who have children that deal with this issue. Ask them what daycare programs they have used and how they liked them. Even a bad review will be helpful for you to narrow the field a bit. If you can't think of anyone in your personal acquaintance, then hit the Internet. There are many Facebook groups that can help you with this.

Tour the Different Options With Your Child

When you find some daycare programs that look promising, ask to tour their facility with your child. Take your child through the classrooms and playgrounds. Show them everything they will encounter if they go there. Introduce them to some of the teachers if that is possible. Let them see the other kids that are there. Make sure that they are shown every facet of every option. Be sure not to show them any facility that you cannot use due to budget constraints, location issues, or lack of openings.

Get Your Child's Input

Once you have taken your little field trip to some of the different daycare options, sit your child down and get their input about where they would like to go. Ask them what they liked and disliked about each facility, and answer any questions they might have. Let them basically make the choice about where they will go. Allowing your anxious child this bit of control will do wonders for their anxiety. They will know they are going to the best place for them and they will feel empowered by being allowed to choose on their own. Of course, you can steer their thoughts to the conclusion you most desire, but make sure they feel in the end that this is their choice.

Anxiety can be a hard thing to deal with in a child, but it can be something that translates into big strengths as well. Anxious children are detail oriented, self-motivated, prompt, and often very neat. Use these strengths in your child to help them feel comfortable and happy with their new daycare.

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